South Shields School is a family away from home. We aim to provide a learning environment with high challenge coupled with high support rooted in education research.

We have a holistic approach to learning focused on both therapeutic and academic intervention and we pride ourselves on ensuring that exceptional teaching, learning and assessment is at the heart of everything we do, underpinned by a relentless belief in the importance of developing a growth mindset approach to our life as learners.

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South Shields School endeavours to unlock the academic and personal potential of every child; which will in turn prepare them for leadership, community participation and life-long fulfilment, in an ever changing world.

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We were joined by Ridgeway and Biddick Primary for our World Cup Football event, all students were amazing and comp… https://t.co/uUsCn38okY

Notice to our Year 11s If you are willing to donate your revision guides they will be accepted with open arms. Than… https://t.co/XFBkBDZsWz

A huge thank you to families who attended the SEND afternoon tea today. It was great to see the students competing… https://t.co/25OzeaheK9

We were joined by our future year 7 students from Forest View today who participated in a clay workshop. We were so… https://t.co/i3TffBZhPK

One of our very talented year 9s has came along to art club tonight to finish her steampunk bug. I am so impressed… https://t.co/7m768q63BL