South Shields School

College Life

College life enhances student personal development and run across year groups.

All students will take part in college competitions throughout the year such as public speaking, debating, winter and summer sports, mathematics challenges as well as working together to raise money for chosen charities, raising attendance and achieving Vivo points.

The Colleges are all named after local scientists and inventors whose work involved light and we draw a link with education, which is to enlighten. Each College is led by an Assistant or Associate Headteacher and a student captain.

Davy College

Davy College is named after the inventor Sir Humphrey Davy who has helped to develop the miner’s safety lamp.

Herschel College

Herschel College is named after the scientist Caroline Herschel who was the first woman to discover a comet.

Swan College

Swan College is named after Sunderland born Joseph Swan, inventor of the electric light bulb in the nineteenth century.