South Shields School


Subject Content Covered

Year 7

Mathematics Mastery covering:

Place Value, Addition and Subtraction (Autumn 1)

Place value of whole numbers up to 10 million , mental and written addition and subtraction of integers, addition and subtraction of decimals

Place Value, Multiplication and Division (Autumn 2 )

Multiplication and division of integers and decimals, area, place value

Geometry:2D Shape in a 3D World (Spring 1)  

Working with units, angles and angle properties of straight lines, properties of triangles, properties of quadrilaterals, symmetry and tessellations

Fractions (Spring 2)

Understand and use fractions, fractions of amounts, multiply and divide fractions

Algebra (Summer 1)

Order of operations, Introduction to algebra, algebraic generalisation

Percentage and Pie Charts (Summer 2)

Percentages, working with data, project work


Year 8

Cycle 1

Percentages (number), sequences (algebra) and averages and range (statistics)

Cycle 2

Prime numbers and factorisation(number), add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers (number), positive and negative numbers (number) and sequences, expressions and equations (algebra)

Cycle 3

Construction of triangles and parallelograms and finding unknown angles, including parallel lines (geometry), area and perimeter (geometry), ratio and rate of change (ratio and proportion), circumference and area of a circle (geometry)


Year 9

Cycle 1

Percentages (number), sequences (algebra) and averages and range (statistics)

Cycle 2

Co-ordinates (algebra), linear graphs (algebra), direct and inverse proportion (ratio and proportion) scales and standard form (number)

Cycle 3

Expanding and factorising (algebra), constructions (geometry), probability (probability), transformations (geometry) and scatter graphs (statistics)


Year 10

Higher Tier

Cycle 1

Forming and solving equations (algebra), exploring and applying probability (probability), powers and standard form (number) and similarity (ratio and proportion)

Cycle 2

Inequalities (algebra), ratio and proportion and variation (ratio and proportion) and counting, accuracy and surds (number)

Cycle 3

Quadratic equations (algebra), vector geometry (geometry), area and volume (geometry),


Foundation Tier

Cycle 1

Forming and solving equations (algebra), probability and events (probability), perimeter and area (geometry) and transformations (geometry)

Cycle 2

Percentages and compound measures (ratio and proportion), charts, tables and averages (statistics), fractions (number)

Cycle 3

Volume and surface area of prisms (geometry), number properties recap (number), number and sequences (algebra)


Year 11

Pupils follow a personalised learning programme based on the results of assessments completed at the end of each cycle. The programme will cover topics from the following strands:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Ratio and Proportion