South Shields School

Literacy, Numeracy & Achievement for All

Students in years 7 to 9 are all assigned with an accelerated reader book, which they will read at home, during advisory time and also during library lessons.

It is the expectation that no time is ever lost so when students have a spare moment they should always get out their reading book and read wherever they are.

Every day students will ‘drop everything and read’ this is what we call DEAR time.  This is a quiet time when students can concentrate on reading during advisory time and move through their accelerated reader books.  During library lessons students, once they have finished reading a book, complete a quiz and their score is recorded.  The score allows teachers to assign new books at the appropriate level and to track improvements in reading age data.

Some students will also be supported through the Lexia programme and this will be arranged through the Assistant Head Personal Development who is also our SENCo.

Students in year 7 and 8 will also improve their literacy and numeracy skills through the mastery learning programme.  During these sessions they will focus on time table rockstars, numeracy ninjas, spelling, punctuation and grammar.