South Shields School

Mission and Values

South Shields School endeavours to unlock the academic and personal potential of every child; which will in turn prepare them for leadership, community participation and life-long fulfilment, in an ever changing world.

South Shields School

High Expectations

We will reach the highest of standards with presentation, attendance and behaviour towards others. We know that giving 100% enables us to develop the skills and attributes to improve our employability.

South Shields School

Every Child, No Excuses

We will strive to reach aspirational targets both academically and personally. We will not give excuses but seek solutions for improvement. A growth mindset will mean we have the courage to face anything.

South Shields School

Lead Learning

We will challenge ourselves to be active learners. We know feedback is a gift and we accept and give feedback graciously and with humility in order to increase our chance of employability.

South Shields School

No Islands

We ensure that every member of ‘Team South Shields’ feels valued and respected. We take responsibility for our actions so that we are able to develop positive relationships with others.

Our Drivers

Growth Mindset

We develop a growth mindset by seeking advice, reflecting on performance and committing to improving, no matter how hard.

We know that using failure as a positive opportunity to learn and develop is vital.

We will support students to develop a growth mindset by:

  • Providing a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum
  • Setting regular and meaningful homework
  • Providing opportunities to develop independent learning through challenge activities
  • Giving students and their families regular, accurate and deep feedback about their progress
  • Assessing student performance through pre-public examinations from Year 7 onwards
  • Providing a comprehensive rewards system linked to graduation through ‘Passport to Success’.

Team South Shields

We work hard to support the ethos of ‘Team South Shields’ and we appreciate the contribution that every individual makes to our team.

We know that developing excellent relationships is vital to become a happy and successful adult. We think of our school community as a family away from home. We do this by:

  • Ensuring all students have a dedicated advisor who will support them through school and take a special interest in them
  • Giving opportunities to students to take part in offsite opportunities together to build relationships between staff and students
  • Building a comprehensive personal development programme so that students can develop their skills and attributes
  • Offering a range of co-curriculum opportunities for students to be part of, including the Royal Navy Combined Cadet Force
  • Involving families in celebrating the success of students
  • Developing an exciting College system that fosters vertical relationships between year groups
  • Building a high quality ‘buddy system’ that supports all new South Shields School students.


We know that enabling students to develop, both academically and personally, is essential to securing a positive and successful future.

We will do this by:

  • Building a comprehensive suite of careers information and guidance
  • Providing opportunities to visit universities and apprenticeship providers
  • Insisting on perfect uniform
  • Insisting on the very best standards of behaviour for learning with no excuses
  • Insisting on 100% attendance and 100% punctuality
  • Embedding our learning habits to ensure students know the most successful ways to study
  • Ensuring all students master literacy and numeracy skills
  • Enabling students to develop a balanced understanding of British Values and the importance of diversity.