South Shields School

Staff Contacts

First point of contact during school closure

Ms Kirsty Gordon-Director of Operations

Urgent calls only please – 07803513234

Senior Team

Mr Joe Dicocco-Acting Headteacher

Mrs Jackie Mitchell –Assistant Headteacher SENCO and Safeguarding Lead–

Mrs Janey Stubbs– Associate Headteacher–

Ms Lynne Parkin–Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of┬áPE–

Mr Aaron White– Associate Assistant Headteacher–

Mr James Castling– Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of Science–

Ms Ashleigh Leighton– English teacher–

Mrs Kelly McGhin– English teacher

Ms Lindsay Tarn–English teacher

Ms Karen Maddock– Head of Mathematics –

Miss Sarah Bone–Mathematics teacher–

Miss Gemma Thornton– Mathematics teacher–

Mrs Jane Mather–Science teacher–

Mr David Rae– Head of Expressive Arts & Design –

Ms Keighley Wanless–Head of Art –

Mr Paul Chambers– Music teacher–

Miss Danielle Heslop–Drama teacher–

Mrs Rachel Frame–Geography Lead–

Miss Lindsay Morlock–Foreign languages teacher–

Mr Andrew Wallace–Head of Humanities–

Mr Graeme Simpson–PE teacher–

Miss Jessica Scott– PE teacher–