South Shields School

Staff Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Allie Denholm Headteacher
Mr Joe Dicocco Associate Headteacher Curriculum and Achievement
Ms Alison McIvor Cross Assistant Headteacher Personal Development
Mrs Jackie Mitchell Assistant Headteacher SENCO
Ms Lynne Parkin Associate Assistant Headteacher (Attendance)
Dir School Improvement PE & Health Coordinator
Mrs Janey Stubbs Associate Headteacher Teaching and Learning
Mr Aaron White Associate Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour)



Ms Gemma Graham English
Ms Ashleigh Leighton English
Mrs Kelly McGhin English
Miss Jade Powers English Teach First
Mrs Sarah Pringle Director of School Improvement English
Miss Alexandra Stonebanks English Teach First
Ms Lindsay Tarn English



Mr Les Armstrong Maths
Miss Sara Bone Maths
Mr David Caleya-Chetty Maths
Ms Karen Maddock Director of School Improvement Maths
Mr Nathaniel Smith Maths Teach First
Miss Gemma Thornton Maths



Ms Victoria Carter Director of School Improvement Science
Mr James Castling Science
Ms Clair Knox Science Technician
Mrs Jane Mather Science
Miss Emma Thomas Science
Ms Faye Westwood Science


ICT/Computer Science

Mr Paul Dixon Computing and Digital Tech/CPD
Mrs Luscia Sykes Dir of Teaching & Learning Computing and Digital Tech


Expressive Arts & Design

Mr James Douglass Art & Photography
Miss Danielle Heslop Teacher of Creative Arts
Mr Peter McNichol DT Technician
Mr David Rae Dir of School Improvement Exp Arts & Design STEM lead
Ms Keighley Wanless Expressive Arts & Design / Primary Strategy



Mrs Nicola Allenby Humanities
Ms Suzannah Caldicott History
Mrs Nicole Ellison MFL and MFL Leader
Mrs Rachel Frame Humanities and Geography Leader
Miss Emma Waldron MFL Student Voice Lead
Mr Andrew Wallace Director of School Improvement Humanities


PE & Health

Mrs Claire Hodgson PE & Health
Mr Graeme Simpson PE/CPD and transition


Head of Year/Pastoral Support

Mr Karl Jessen Pastoral Leader Y7 & 8
Mrs Barbara Patterson Transition Coach/Asst Pastoral Leader
Miss Jessica Scott Pastoral Leader Y9, PE
Mr Darren Seddon Pastoral Leader Y10
Mr Aaron White Pastoral Leader Y11, PE

Student Support

Mrs Melanie Bell Student Support
Mrs Brenda Berry Student Support SSU
Mr Paul Chambers Student Mentor
Mrs Kelly Gilmartin Student Mentor
Ms Donna Hall Student Support
Mr Andrew Holmes School Staff Cadet Instructor/Pastoral Officer
Miss Amy Kelly Head Of New Horizons/Deputy SENCO
Mrs Marion McDonagh Student Support


Administration Support

Mr Phil Archer Finance Manager
Mrs Lisa Blenkinsop Attendance Admin Support
Mrs Anne Broadbent Data & Finance Assistant
Mrs Lorraine Collingwood Receptionist
Mrs Deboragh Fowles-O’Brien Learning Resource Centre and Cover Coordinator
Ms Kirsty Gordon Director of Operations
Ms Lyn Heddon Exams/Data and Assessment Manager
Mrs Janette Letouze Receptionist
Mrs Sharon Walker Web/Graphics/Repro
Miss Debbie Wilson Operations Support


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Christine Hejazi Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Ms Jill Morton Lunchtime Assistant/ Technician
Mrs Susan Oley Mini Bus Driver/ Lunchtime Assistant/ Technician/ Attendance Support
Mrs Vanessa Smith Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant