South Shields School

CREDITS and Rewards

All students have the chance to gain CREDITS in and out of lesson. Credits accrued will mean the students can use them to purchase different rewards.

Students can gain Credits by showing the following qualities; Courage, Respect, Effort, Discovery, Independence, and Teamwork. Rewards can be purchased half termly or can be saved up for termly Rewards.

Credits can be lost if the students receive consequences in our out of lesson, consequences are given because of poor behaviour for learning or poor behaviours around school.

Students with good Credit to consequence ratio can also be selected to take part in different events and trips. The ratio will also be part of the graduation process.


Homework Strategy using Class Charts

Homework has a critical role to play in accelerating the progress of our students.

We use a system called Class charts which allows you to keep track of homework given, submitted and whether it is overdue and can be accessed through a range of devices.

Follow the instructions below to track your child’s homework instantly.

Login guide:

  1. Open or download the app for apple or android.
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Choose ‘I don’t have an account yet’
  4. Enter your parent access code and name
  5. Choose a password
  6. Click login